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Carmel Presbyterian Church Impact Teen Drivers MPUSD

We've been telling stories since 2004

Effective communication starts with effective storytelling. Conveying ideas and emotions through the telling of of a story is the key to creating an impact on the listener.

In 2004 we took our culminative experience and education in marketing, graphic design, film production and brand management to create Clear Blue Studios.

Named for our proximity to the beautiful Monterey Bay and our desire to assist our clients in clear communication, we have worked to develop a business that cuts through the hoopla to create genuine desire in our client's target audience.

As a creative agency we have worked with:

- Non-profits to sharpen their message and raise money
- Businesses to develop relationships with other businesses
- Churches to speak to their communities
- Startups to aquire funding
- Companies to communicate with new and existing customers

We tell stories using:

- Excellent Video Production
- Dynamic Web Development
- Compelling Graphic Design
- Memorable Event and Experiential Marketing
- Creative Writing

What's your story?