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Prospectus In Motion

Producing Video that Speaks Louder than Words Alone.

We believe that the human brain is wired for visual stimulation. That is to say, all the fancy words, buzzwords and marketing terms you throw at your core audience is not nearly as effective as SHOWING them what you mean.

That is why we are offering Corporations, Schools, Non-Profits and Music Groups a chance to DEMONSTRATE what sets their organization apart with our 'Prospectus In Motion'.

These 90 second to 15 minute glimpses of who you are and what you are doing as an organization gives you a distinct advantage when having a conversation with your audience.

Think about this: When looking through our website were you more apt to read what we have to say . . . or see what we actually do?

This is how your audience also responds best . . . instead of reading about you they want to experience what your organization offers.

Clear Blue Studios offers to capture with precision and clarity your essence, heartbeat and passion in stunning 1080p HD.

Call or email one of our creative gurus to discuss how to make a Prospectus in Motion work for you.

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Case Study: African Children's Choir

We were asked by the African Children's Choir to film and produce a short piece to be used in the promotion of their choir tours.

Traveling to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Sudan we filmed the work of the African Children's Choir and the Music For Life Academy, creating three short films that clearly shared the history and vision of an organization that brings hope and life to thousands.