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The Process | Going from Start to Finish

In our business it's all about the process.

Think of marketing as building a home. Each step needs to be followed in order for there to be success, the home to be safe, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly for it to accomplish it's purpose of housing a family.

This is often the problem with any kind of marketing . . . web design, commercial video production, graphic design etc. There is no plan, no central playbook to follow.

In our business the plan is the most important thing.

Building a brand or any business marketing starts with developing a plan and then following the process through to completion.

These are the steps that we take for each project that we encounter:

1. Discovery

2. Creation

3. Development

4. Success Tracking

This process allows us to take on a web development job for a small client in Monterey, or a video production project for an overseas client and assure quality and sucess across the board.